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Neoortho - february 17th, 2017

Neoortho in Europe

Neoortho has confirmed its participation at XVII Neuroraquis Spanish Congress held in Valencia, Spain during March 08th to 10th. The congress is developed by Sociedad Española de Cirurgía Vertebral y Medular.

For more information: Neuroraquis.

Neoortho - September 14th, 2016

Neoortho presented its solutions in the CBN 2016

From 06th-10th September, Neoortho participated in the Brazilian Congress of Neurosurgery - CBN, which took place in Brasilia/DF and was represented by Frederico Lemos (commercial manager of Spine line) and Luiz Lima (commercial manager of Maxilo line). We have received some clients such as the company Neuromax.

"The CBN is the most expressive in the country's Congress Neurosurgery segment. For the second consecutive year Neoortho was present. This year in particular, stood out presenting the new releasing spine line: Pedicle screw for cement injection. A new feature in Neoortho allowing for surgeons posterior lumbar arthrodesis in cases of osteoporosis, tumors, bone defects revisions or even where it has not a sufficient bone quality for fixing screws. The Congress was a great opportunity that doctors had to learn a little more about our portfolio of products, and create a strengthening relationship with all our national distributors. "Highlights Frederico Lemos.

Neoortho - September 01st, 2016


At 07pm on August 18th it was held the 1st Neoortho’s Orthopedic Workshop. The event focuses at the medical profession and was divided into two main parts, the first with a complete product showroom for physicians guests could know all the solutions offered by the company. The second was clinical cases presentations.

During the presentations of clinical cases there have been many discussions and were a great opportunity for experts to exchange experiences regarding cases faced in day-to-day. The head of traumatology discipline of EPM UNIFESP, the Professor Dr. Fernando Baldy, presented two cases such as first application Humerus Nail and the second one was the application of trochanteric femoral Nail.

The event was attended by 12 doctors in the area and with the strong presence of the Neoortho team, including the participation of its Vice President Irineu Leite. After the closure, guests and employees had been served by the delicious Madalosso buffet. According to Diogo Luiz Barros, Marketing Manager of Neoortho, "The event was a success. Now our goal is to take the Neoortho’s Orthopedics Workshop for the whole Brazil, providing this exchange of experiences between experts doctors from north to south, presenting various cases and maintain the medical profession always updated with the innovations of Orthopedics area.”

Neoortho realizes Trauma training for distributor in Curitiba.

On 18th August, at 13:30h, it was held a training in traumatology for the Pura Vida distributor team in Curitiba, ministered by the head of traumatology discipline of EPM UNIFESP, the Professor, Dr. Fernando Baldy. The training provided to the distributor was a great opportunity to meet more product lines and deepen great application practices. The event was attended by 08 sales team people from the distributor and also was attended by the Marketing Manager and Commercial Manager of Trauma Neoortho line.

The training follows a Neoortho’s methodology created to provide training for partner distributors teams. The goal is to increase knowledge of vendors and surgical technologists and make that they can provide a better service to the market.

Neoortho - August 29th, 2016

Neoortho receives the "Woman Company Partner" award by International Federation of Business Professional Women – BPW.

On 17th August, at Fernanda Montenegro Theater in Curitiba / PR, NEOORTHO represented by engineer Luciane Yumi Suzuki, received the Woman Company Partner award for BPW (International Federation of Business Professional Women). The award was delivered to 40 companies during its presentation.

"The award will identify companies that value entrepreneurship and women's economic development, due to contract suppliers with female participation in the social capital," said the president of BPW Curitiba, Lucyanna Lima Lopes. According to her, the intention is that companies can be recognized to exercise gender social responsibility as economic development by valuing and supporting female entrepreneurship.

Neoortho - August 16th, 2016

Father's Day in Neoortho

On Day Aug 12th we were pleased to honor our fathers employees.

With a delicious lunch, we received all employees in our restaurant, with Pizza, Soda and much more. In addition, each father received a custom sports bag with photo their children. It was gratifying to see the joy of our employees in a honour.

Neoortho - June 20th, 2016

The Neoortho Arraial

“The Neoortho Arraial” was so pretty good! Take a look how beautiful we were!

It was in this feeling of St. John’s party (Brazilian folklore party) that Neoortho received its employees for a delicious typical lunch! Counting with “ Quentão”, Corns, Popcorns, “Pé de moleque”, “Pinhão” and other typical foods of this great time!

Neoortho - June 1st, 2016

The Titanium Man

Geninho Thome is honored by the "Oscar for Health", awarded by the medical profession, thanks to various solutions developed by Neoortho in favor of the rehabilitation needs of the most amazing machine: the human being.

Not coincidentally, the fourth edition of the "100 Most Influential Health 2016", awarded by the Media Group and considered the "Oscar of Health", awarded in the Entrepreneur category, the CEO and founder of Neoortho for lifetime achievement, which combined to medical professionals, impinges new opportunities to enjoy life without the limits of the previous condition. "It is emblematic of a dentist, your team and the company get the recognition of medical surgeons who use our products in a serious and rigorous awards. It reaffirms my conviction as an entrepreneur health that we are on the right track, because when investing in research and innovation the return is guaranteed both from the aspect of loyalty and market expansion, as to the robustness of the entire business, "says Thome.

Neoortho - May 30th, 2016

Neoortho in the 23rd Hospitalar

Between 17 and 20 May 2016, Neoortho was in the Expo Center Norte, providing solutions in HOSPITALAR Fair and being represented by: Alisson Luis Pereira, Claudio Lopes Ruscitti, Luiz Carlos de Lima, Cesar Rogério Fusco, Mayton Augusto Chacón and Marco Antonio Bahls.

The fair has been visited and known worldwide each year, with 1,250 exhibitors and 96,000 trade visitors, 82,000 m² were taken by the stands of different companies in different countries, bringing to the show releases, news and trends in the sector of the health . Several dealers have visited our stand, where it was possible to have a very good talk and after a delicious buffet. On May 20, we had the honor of the visit of our President, Dr. Geninho Thome who had a chance to talk to some of our distributors in the booth. At 06pm Neoortho’s president was awarded one of the 100 influential Health, and then happy hour to celebrate this award well deserved.

We spoke to some of those present at the fair, which left their opinion:

"International event of great expressiveness to our area where we have the opportunity to showcase our entire portfolio, in addition to building positive relationships with partners in domestic and foreign markets, not forgetting the visibility of our brand that has made spotless throughout the events that give pride to our distributors to join our team" (words of Mr. Claudio Lopes Ruscitti - Trauma Manager).

"The Fair HOSPITALAR 2016 in the view of the Neoortho international trade was positive. Once again it was possible to show international visitors force Neoortho in our segment, besides presenting innovations worldwide. We also believe HOSPITALAR 2016 as a period of great movement for new business contacts, which directly supports future business for Neoortho, especially in Latin America" (said Sales Manager Latin America, Mr. Chacon Mayton).

Neoortho - May 13th, 2016

Neoortho introducing solutions in the CBTO 2016

Neoortho participated in the Brazilian Congress of Traumatology and Orthopedics (CBTO) held in Maceió (Alagoas, Brazil) between 05-07 of May. It had been represented by Mr. Alisson Pereira, Managing Director and Mr. Claudio Ruscitti, Trauma Commercial Manager who were at the booth to demonstrate our solutions for customers.

On the first day it has held the Symposium given by Professor of UNIFESP, Dr. Fernando Baldy, who spoke about the General osteosynthesis knowledge and Intramedullary osteosynthesis. Approximately 500 people attended the symposium, updating knowledge and exchanging ideas on the subject. At the end of the lecture was raffled a Book "Clinical Surgery Orthopedic / Trauma" designed by Profs. José Laredo Filho and Walter Manna Albertoni and coordinated by Nelson Mattioli Leite and Fernando Baldy dos Reis. The lucky winner who took it home was the Orthopedist Dr. Rodrigo Fernando Lourenço Amorim, CRM 4573 the state of Alagoas. We announce here the thanks to Dr. Rodrigo by prestige.

"It is the best event of the year for trauma specialty, unique opportunity to expose our materials in an event focused on this specialty and all participants in the symposium are experts in traumatology. We had access to trauma distributors materials throughout Brazil, where once again we can demonstrate our products and releases for all participants of this event, with special attention to our system external fixator and the Clonos (bioabsorbable) in shapes presentation. " – words of the Trauma Commercial Manager, Claudio Ruscitti.

Neoortho - May 12th, 2016

Neoortho ENNEC in 2016

"The Neoortho participation was important in the 10th ENNEC in Manaus with the presence of professionals and students from random locations that were presented with an interest in our brand and wanting to know our products and services. It was an opportunity to create relationships with new customers and strengthen our partnerships already established. The event took place in a relaxed and well organized environment." (Reported by Luiz Carlos de Lima – Maxillofacial Commercial Manager)

Neoortho - May 10th, 2016

Mother's Day

All Neoortho's Mummy were presented with a beautiful custom jewelry case with a pendant featuring their children. In addition to the gift, it was offered to all employees a special lunch on May 06th as part of the tribute to our mothers!

Neoortho - May 02nd, 2016

Labor Day

To celebrate Labor Day, Neoortho employees won a gift card with the amount of R$ 200 and a barbecue to celebrate this date. Congratulations to all employees who contribute every day for the success of the company.

Neoortho - March 10th, 2016

International Women's Day

On March 08th, Neoortho offered a pleasant afternoon for its employees who attended the course “self-makeup”, raffle giveaways, as well as being gift with a beautiful portable shoe case.

Neoortho - February 23th, 2016

NEOORTHO in Arab Health 2016.

Once again, NEOORTHO was present in the 2nd largest fair world in the sector in that it takes place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This year NEOORTHO presented itself in a large stand and nice look booth in order to present its complete portfolio, with emphasis on Biomaterials line. The representative of the company in the event, Mayton Chacon, said that there was a positive impact of NEOORTHO’s presentation. "Again, It was possible to present to the Arab market that NEOORTHO brings complete solutions to their lines, which still stands more forward in the other companies. The company or distributor who searches NEOORTHO products can offer its customers a broad portfolio of secure solutions with international evidence.”

Access the link below to see the interview NEOORTHO the event:
Neoortho Orthopaedic Products

Neoortho - December 18th, 2015

Solidarity Christmas

Neoortho held on December 11th another of Solidarity Christmas Campaign. There were 83 children in the CIAF (Central Integrated of Familiar Support) and “Lar menino de Deus” that will have a Christmas a little bit happier thanks to our employees who have contributed to the donation and delivery of Christmas gifts !! The joy and emotion of each child to receive your gift surpasses any word! We thank each employee that can be part of this Solidarity Christmas !!

Neoortho - November 20th, 2015

47° CBOT - Present’s give away for our Distributors

Some of our distributor already received a surprise gift. On the pictures below: Tecnimed, Cortical, Ortopedia São José and Cruz Alta.

Neoortho - November 19th, 2015

CBOT 2015 It´s been a success.

During the afternoon we had the eminent presence of the SBOT´s CEO Dr. Marco Antonio Percope de Andrade who was greeted by our CEO Dr. Geninho Thomé and our vice-president Sr. Irineu Leite.

Neoortho - November 19th, 2015

CBOT 2015, has already started

The 47th Brazilian Congress of Orthopedics and Traumatology started today and Neoortho is attending as every year. The event happens from the 19th to the 21st of November in São Paulo ( SP ) .The CBOT 2015 has started well with a great public participation. The NEOORTHO is located in a stand on the street B04 / C03 in the Blue Pavilion of Expo Center Norte. On the 20th we will have a symposium with Doctors Claus Seyboth and Fernando Baldy at 12:45 in Room Jacana 2:03 with updates in traumatology. We are expecting you at our booth.

Neoortho - September 24th, 2015

Neoortho is highlighted between companies with a great potential called “ Scale-ups”

According to the article published in one of the largest newspaper of Brazil ( Gazeta do Povo), Neoortho was identified by Endeavor Neoway organization as a prominent company in the high-impact business segment, also called Scale-ups. Less frequent in Brazil, the companies classified as mature and with a great potential of development and increase have annual growth above 20%.

Between all of the companies on the state of Paraná, only 1,67% are matched in this category and among them, Neoortho had its prominence by its innovation of concepts and projects on the national market, which challenges the company on daily bases. Furthermore, the pursuit of excellence of their products guarantees a highlight on the current economic scenario.

Read more: NEOORTHO is news in Gazeta do Povo

Source : Gazeta do Povo - Print edition of September 16, 2015 , Endeavor and Neoway Online
Photos : Jonathan Campos / Gazeta do Povo.

Neoortho - September 22th, 2015

COBRAC 2015, another record of success

The XXIII Brazilian congress of traumatology CMF surgery gathered 45 exhibitors and 1,770 attendees. The event took place the 25th through the 29th of August in Salvador- Bahia and was attended by specialists of 26 states. It also broke the records of 172 national and 16 international lectures. (United States, Spain, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Chile, Mexico, Colombia and India), Altogether 237 lectures were ministered.

“COBRAC 2015 was carried out with the illustrious presence of renowned national and international surgeons and a wide scientific program that covered several topics and areas of knowledge. It was a great opportunity for us to strengthen the relationship with our customers and professionals who visited us to learn more about Neoortho´s products and services. The pinnacle of our commercial stand during the trade fair was clear, as it received numerous positive feedbacks regarding our products compared to the national competitors.” (Luiz Lima, CMF manager)

Neoortho - September 02nd, 2015

New Administrative Headquarters

The NEOORTHO headquarter building is 50 meters from the manufacturing unit. It is situated in a space of 516m² with wide administrative areas. The new space were carefully designed to provide quality work improvement, besides to bring more comfort to host our clients and suppliers.

That is another proof of NEOORTHO’s commitment with the growth and expansion

Neoortho - July 28th, 2015

NEOORTHO's new restaurant opening

We are very proud to celebrate on the last 20th July the new corporative restaurant opening. In a united effort of NEOORTHO and RISA, we work to make the mealtime more cozy and cheerful time. The event had the illustrious presence of RISA Corporate Director – José Adão, NEOORTHO President Dr. Geninho Thome, Vice-President Irineu Leite and Managing Director Alisson Pereira besides than a very special menu and live music.

Neoortho - April 28th, 2015

Neoortho participates in the fair "Salud para Todos" in Havana, Cuba.

Neoortho was one of 10 companies that represented Brazil at "Salud para todos" held on April 20th-24th in Havana, Cuba. The event was attended by over 190 companies from various health care sectors. The Brazilian pavilion was coordinated by Apex-Brazil Cuba, which selected the candidate companies for the level of experience and expertise to the international market.

After 5 days of the fair, Neoortho can demonstrate the entire portfolio of products, doctors and specialized public, in addition to government officials. "We had an excellent acceptance by doctors of the region and the Cuban government, which is the major consumer. We were presented highlighted by level of quality. I think that in the coming months we will have many chances to stand out in as a new option of orthopedic implants to Cuba."
Highlights Mayton Chacon, who represented the company in the event.

Neoortho - April 07th, 2015

Neoortho’s presence in Las Vegas

NEOORTHO is always present in major world events of the segment in order to increase the network, meet new technologies and initiate contact with potential distributors and also to have new companies for representation, manufacturing and assembly in Brazil.

This time, the company was in Las Vegas from 25th to 27th March to attend the Annual Meeting of the AAOS (American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons), which was attended by 773 companies in the orthopedic sector and visited more than 50 experts in spine, maxilofacial, trauma, prostheses and biological.

All companies were very receptive to the NEOORTHO representatives, which is essential to establish new partnerships. Being present in the many sectors that NEOORTHO is include is part of the company history and is a strategy to turn it into an enterprise even bigger and better known.

Neoortho - February 05th, 2015

Get to know more about NEOORTHO’s participation of at Arab Health 2015.

Once again, NEOORTHO attended at the Arab Health, which is the 2nd largest fair of the sector in the world. This event is a great time for companies that are part of the medical field to present their new products, realize contacts with new clients and to know everything that is happening in the market. Who represented our company there was our representative Mayton Chacon, specialist foreign trade, which after 4 days of the event, said that the participation of NEOORTHO was very positive, especially because we already have a solid line of products recognized by quality.

In total, more than 10,000 companies participated in the fair, and among them, was Neoortho, participating for the 4th consecutive year as an exhibitor. In general, the Brazilian pavilion is one of the largest and brings more than 50 exhibiting companies together, for that reason, NEOORTHO’s presence is essential because not only new partners are involved, but also our main competitors.

"A special feature of this fair is that contact with new customers is done in a much more personal way. The Middle East businessman cherish the face-to-face conversation with the exhibitors and take into account the presentation made by professionals representing the participating companies, then, if they like the way we position ourselves at the time, the chances for closing partnerships is much higher ", highlights Mayton.

In addition to exhibitions, the fair featured seminars and conventions on new technologies and products, which add for our business here in Brazil.

NeoOrtho - December 18th, 2014

New FDA Authorizations

NeoOrtho has recently obtained 510K permission from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), for sales of intramedullary nailing systems for the tibia, femur, and humerus, in addition to those for mini and micro fragments and distal radius systems. Through this FDA authorization, the NeoOrtho trauma line stands out in the market for innovation as the newest Brazilian solution in the US market, whose orthopedic segment is considered one of the most demanding in the world.

This project aims to meet the demands of the American market with products of the standard NeoOrtho quality. In addition, FDA recognition will enable sales of NeoOrtho’s trauma line in other strategic areas that use FDA approval as a requirement for their own certifications or authorizations.

"The recent FDA authorization for intramedullary nail systems - Neonail, mini and micro fragments and distal radial - Neofix, along with other systems such as Maxilofacial Neoface, trauma - small and large – Neofix, spine – PEEK cages – Neospace, and G2 plates – Neoplate – demonstrate NeoOrtho’s maturity as a medical device manufacturer as well as its continuing commitment to the high quality of its products. The FDA authorization is seen by NeoOrtho as acknowledgment that the system has excellent design and development, a robust manufacturing process, and quality assurance," explains Luciana Toni Menoncin, Quality Management System coordinator of NeoOrtho.

Neoortho - December 01st, 2014

Neoortho stands out on the 46th CBOT.

Once again, Neoortho was present at the Brazilian Congress of Orthopedics and Traumatology (CBOT). The event, which is in its 46th edition, was held in Rio de Janeiro, and IT had a four-day schedule, between exhibitions and symposiums.

The CBOT focus is in medical professionals and, among the participants, there are several companies in the sector and scholars, exploiting the space to present technological innovations and present their new products to market.

Neoortho was featured in this issue. The stand occupied a prominent position with 64m² during days of exposure and it was responsible for receiving visitors from many countries, providing the opportunity to meet its entire product portfolio.

According to Claudemir João Cardozo, Commercial Manager Neoortho, being inserted in these spaces is fundamental for the company, because in that way you can listen to feedbacks from professionals and close deals with new partners.

Neoortho - November 25th, 2014

Lumbar Plate: Get to know the Neoortho’s release

In order to bring you information about the latest release of NEOORTHO, we talked to the engineer Luciane Yumi. Get to know more about what we are manufacturing here:

The spine extends from the skull to the pelvis and is divided into 24 vertebrae. In general, it has developed by protecting the spinal cord and spinal nerves and allows posture and locomotion, holding the body and the head without losing the flexibility in movement. Thinking about it, NEOORTHO completes its line with a new product for the spine: the Lumbar Plate.

The lumbar plate system is composed by plates and screws made in titanium alloy, which are used for fixing the lumbar system after trauma such as fractures, tumors and previous deficient surgeries. This system is used by the anterior approach, complementing NEOSPINE lumbar fixation system. The implants are available in various sizes, and meeting different patient profiles.

This product comes in now to our portfolio in the line for the column is already known for the quality and technological innovation. Congratulations, NEOORTHO!

Neoortho - November 19th, 2014

Check out how was Neoortho’s participation in the largest medical trade fair in the world.

Every year, in the third week of November, it happens Medica Fair, the largest medical trade fair in the world. In 2014, the edition was held in the city of Düsseldorf in Germany, and it had an intense program divided into four days. As usual, Neoortho was present.

The fair tradition is perfect for institutional participation, in other word, to ensure visibility for the participating companies, make contacts with new partners and increase networking with the international market, considering the public of the event is very selected and specific.

Neoortho’s stand in the fair was double and strategically located to ensure better visualization of the participants from the Middle East, North Africa, Latin America and mostly Europe. According to the representative of Neoortho at Medica Fair, Mayton Augusto Chacon, Foreign Trade Specialist, the event was excellent and assured the company a moment to introduce new products and meet technological innovations: "Many company's competitors were also there, which makes it even more necessary to our presence for us to be further inserted into the international market, "Mayton said.

NeoOrtho Journal 3rd edition (July / August and September 2014)

A Word from the Director

I started my professional career at age 13. After 25 years and with four companies in my resume, I never stayed with a company for less than 4 years. Today, after 12 months in Curitiba, I'm feeling the satisfaction of having made the right choice. The City provides a quality of life that breathes well-being even with a population of 1.8 million inhabitants.

While thinking about what to write in this letter, I was reminded of an urban legend that I was read early in my professional life. A few months ago, I read the same legend in a social media message. It depicted the life of an "... old carpenter, who was ready to retire and told his boss his wish to leave the construction industry and spend more time with his family. He also said he would miss the paycheck, but really wanted to retire. (...) The boss was sad to see a good employee leaving and asked the carpenter to work on another project as a favor. The carpenter agreed, but it was easy to see he was not enthusiastic about the idea. He carried out the project doing second-rate work using inappropriate materials and finished his career in a negative way. When the carpenter finished, his boss came to inspect the house and then gave him the key and said, "This is your home; it is my gift to you." The carpenter was greatly surprised, for if he knew he was building his own house, he would have done everything differently."

The version that was sent to me via the social network also says ... you are the carpenter, the life and the project that you build is yourself. Build wisely; your attitude today builds your tomorrow and whenever you do something, do it well, like it was for you. We are the fruit of our actions and what we think. If we want good for us, we must do good to others.

There's no 100% company with 50% employees. Build the house of another as if it were yours, take care of others as if they were your family.

Think about it ... a big hug and may God enlighten your path.

Neoortho - June 04th, 2014

Humerus IM nail release

Luciane Yumi Suzuki Oliveira, Development Engineer is the person who tells us a little more about the Humerus intraumedullary nail release.

Neoortho, expanding its range of solutions for fractures treatment, will realease an intramedullary nail version. This nail is versatile and universal and can be used for the left or right humerus fractures, treating proximal and medial fractures, avoiding opening fractures needing.

The nail are presented in 6 diameters and 2 models (with or without distal hole), serving a diverse range of patients. The nail deployment system employs a carbon fiber guide, a radiolucent material that facilitates the surgical procedure. The instruments and containers are imported.

Do you know what is humerus? The humerus is a long bone, located between the shoulder and the elbow and articulated with the scapula bone (shoulder), ulna and radius (elbow). It is the fourth largest bone in the human body. The humeral fractures are caused by direct trauma (fall on the humerus, car accidents), indirect (falls with the support of the hand or elbow in the soil, transmitting the impact to the humerus) and pathological (especially in elderly). Treatment of a humeral fracture may be conservative (without surgery, immobilization site) or surgical (by the use of plates and screws or with the use of intramedullary nails).

NeoOrtho Journal 2nd edition (April / May and June 2014)

Vice-Chairman's Speech

In 2014, NeoOrtho completed its first decade. We accomplished this feat through entrepreneurship with responsibility and vision. We considered important facts about the economy, science, politics, and sports in the building of our company. We stand out in the national market as one of the largest Brazilian manufacturers of orthopedic implants. Our company grew in this decade through actions, decisions, and human cooperation of a group of people with a common and enthusiastic vision. Our employees over these ten years not only manufactured implants, but also emotions, dreams, and self-esteem for the lives of Latin Americans, North Americans, and Europeans, who are parents, children, grandparents, friends, or strangers. Sure, many people would like to be entrepreneurial in this world, but few are aware of the meaning of this word. However, the entrepreneurial spirit is so present that when they look behind, they note that they conquered history. These are the inspired words of Augusto Jorge Cury, physician and writer, considered by the Folha de São Paulo to be the most widely read Brazilian author of the decade. Here is how he describes what it means to be entrepreneurial:

"Being an entrepreneur means implementing dreams, even if there are risks. Confronting the problems, while not having the force to do so. Walking through unknown places, even without a compass. Taking attitudes that no one took. Being aware that whoever wins without obstacles, triumphs without glory. Not expecting an inheritance, but building a history. How many projects did you leave behind? How often did your fears block your dreams? Being an entrepreneur is not to expect happiness to happen, but to conquer it."

The future is there. It comes with new challenges, which, after all, "are the size of our dreams" (Fernando Pessoa).

 Neoortho on Linkedin Short Neoortho on Facebook NEOORTHO® Produtos Ortopédicos S/A - Ângelo Domingos Durigan, 607 - Curitiba, PR - Brazil | Phone: +55 41 3535 1000