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Plate System for Mini & Micro Hand Fragments


  • Open reduction and internal fixation of fractures, bad unions and non-unions.
  • After excision of benign bone tumors.
  • Reimplants and reconstructions.
  • Arthrodesis of joints involving small bones.
  • Osteotomies, including correction of deformity such as rotation, stretching, shortening.
  • Pathological fractures.

Oblong Holes (1)

The oblong holes facilitate plate positioning and provide fixed-angle stability for the metaphyseal and osteopenic bone.

Locking Holes (2)

Locking holes with longitudinal misalignment that facilitates the insertion and fixation of the fragment, avoiding interference between screws.

Thread Sections (3)

The locking holes of this system have four (4) thread sections. These sections facilitate thread entry and promote better leveling of the screw head with the plate.




Surgical Technique