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Our History



Management Policies

Management Policies

Our goal is to surpass the expectations of our customers and users by manufacturing and selling innovative products of assured quality through a process of continuous improvement.

Develop orthopedics research.

Improve professional through education.

Value people.

Preserve the environment.


Mission, Vision and Values

To offer safe solutions for health.


Enhance people’s quality of life by providing safe healthcare solutions.


To be a leading reference in the orthopedic implant market in Brazil and worldwide, providing our customers with the best experience through knowledge, technology, and precision in every detail of our products.

To set the benchmark for quality in our segment, while also being recognized as a reliable company committed to sustainability for community.



The brand’s success is attributed to its high-tech orthopedic solutions and outstanding results, enabling thousands of people to regain mobility.


We honor the trust placed in us by acting with ethics and transparency.


We are committed to aligning our strategies and operations with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Our goal is to preserve the environment, and we put this into practice by optimizing titanium consumption in our materials, minimizing paper usage, monitoring electrical consumption, and reducing industrial waste.


Code of Ethics

Ensure the highest level of corporate integrity and ethics.

NEOORTHO Produtos Ortopédicos S.A. is committed to upholding the highest standards of corporate integrity and ethics across its operations, including interactions with employees, suppliers, and customers. To achieve this, the company has implemented a comprehensive compliance program that encompasses adherence to both national and international legislation, including laws, regulations, and internal policies.

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