Much more than quality,


NEOORTHO has built a Quality Management System in order to meet national and international standards of excellence in the production of medical products with a high degree of safety and quality.


NEOORTHO is committed to complying with regulatory requirements, investing in new technologies and developing its employees to meet the expectations of its clients, aiming to: maintain the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, diversify, specialize and innovate its line of implants and orthopedic prostheses, guaranteeing the highest degree of quality and safety in its products, within a process of continuous improvement.

NEOORTHO’s Quality Management System, as well as its product line, are certified and, therefore, undergo frequent Certification Audits.


Quality Management System


* Some NEOORTHO portfolio-specific products do not have FDA approval.
Please contact us in advance with for
check the status of their approvals and certifications, as well as other
Necessary informations